Fiat 500 Ad by IMPATTO: Creating Brand Awareness

When Fiat brand returned to the US after a gap of nearly a quarter century, the first model launched by the Italian automotive giant was Fiat 500. Fiat was anxious as to how the car would be received by the people and it wanted to promote the car as the car of the future to catch the imagination of the people. Impatto was the marketing agency roped in to do the promotion of the new car. Fiat 500 Ad by IMPATTO achieved just what the company desired.

If you have seen this ad that appeared on television in August 2011, you must have seen the original 1957 model of Fiat 500 going to a drive in Movie Theater. As the ad starts to play the 1957 hit song Jailhouse Rock sung by Elvis Presley, the car changes to the 2012 model of Fiat 500. The voice in the background tells you that every once in a while. Something so revolutionary arrives that it becomes an icon. The message being conveyed here is to compare Fiat 500 with Elvis Presley. It was deliberately done by Impatto to insinuate comparison between youth icon Elvis and Fiat 500. In a way, Fiat wanted to say that its Fiat 500 was a icon that had arrived just as Elvis had arrived on the scene way back in 1957. This Fiat 500 Ad by IMPATTO carried a Tagline that said ‘Simply More’. It was in a way suggestion to not go by the size of diminutive looking car but by what it had in offer for the owner.

This ad was very creative and way ahead of its time. Not surprisingly, it gave a big boost to the fortunes of Fiat as the success of Fiat 500 gave it a standing in the midst of other heavyweights in the automotive industry.