Central Valley Home Seeker 1

Central Valley is the central part of the state of California. It is an area known for hot summers and mild winters with a characteristic dense tule fog. Primarily and agricultural land, Central Valley is home to many National parks and you can experience amazing diversity in terms of wildlife here. Central Valley is a very large area covering more than 18000 square miles. This makes it even bigger than the whole of Denmark. If you are a Central Valley home seeker, you would be happy to know that it has a lower average cost of living than the national average.

Mainly agrarian economy with lower property prices
Central Valley has a mainly agricultural economy with a slow pace of life. Many new housing projects are underway in the region to accommodate the heavy influx of migrants who come here in search of employment in the farming sector. While you may have to pay up to $400000 for a home in other parts of California, you can still buy a home for close to $200000 in Central Valley. There are more options for you if you decide to buy a piece of land in Central Valley as prices are affordable. What is more, you can have wider open spaces in your property to be able to grow your own garden.

Population of Central Valley is growing
There are not many job opportunities in Central Valley region. Even then, the population of the area is growing significantly because of people moving here to work in the farming industry. It is not just American people but also people from many other countries like Mexico, Asia, and Central America who are playing a role in the increasing population of Central Valley. For a Central Valley home seeker, the low cost of living is perhaps the biggest attraction.