Katana – Different Types Are Available

BladesPro is something associated with Japanese history. It’s a sword, which is used for different purposes even now a day. If you need to buy a katana, it is very important to know about the different types of katanas which are available in the market. Let’s try to know about different types of this sword and their uses.

  • The first type of katana is practical katana, which is used even these days. It is not used in wars, but for training purpose in martial art classes. The length of blade is 29 inch and it is steel tempered to get the proper edge. The handle of this katana is 12 inches long and usually has leather grips. The weight of this katana is nearly two pounds.
  • Deluxe Katana are the second type of katana, which is very strong. These swords are handmade and look like the original katanas. We can safely call them the copy of historic katanas, as their edges are made the same way. As these are handmade, so they are very expansive. Usually, history lovers collect them.
  • Decorative katana are the third type of the sword. Since they are used for decorative purpose only, they are decorated with embellishments. They are 27 inches long, while the length of handle is nine inches. The weight of katana is three pounds due to embellishments. You can find them hanging in the drawing rooms and living rooms of the history lovers.

You can choose anyone of these Katanas per your needs and budget. However, make sure that you are buying a right katana. They are available in local market and in online stores as well. Find an authentic Katana in economical price, by comparing the quality and price at different websites. A little search can save your money and you can get a good quality product.

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