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Are you looking for a CRM to manage your customers and leads? Do you hate the CRMs available in the market because of their complexity? If you want a CRM that is simple and easy to use, Less Annoying CRM is just what the doctor ordered for you. The name of this CRM itself is a reminder that this tool works silently without asking ay effort on your part. However, it would be foolish on your part to rely on reviews published on unknown sites on internet. Affgadgets.com is a popular and well respected website known for genuine reviews and comparison of products and services. Read Less Annoying CRM Review on Affgadgets.com to know how this customer management tool has become extremely popular among small business owners in a small time period.


If you are looking for no nonsense CRM, Less Annoying CRM is the answer. You know this when you read Less Annoying CRM Review on Affgadgets.com. You get a system that is easy to use and understand. You also benefit from transparent pricing of the company for various categories of customers. But the biggest attraction of small business owners for this wonderful tool lies in its straightforward customer relationship management solution. You can configure the program easily to meet the requirements of your business depending upon its size and nature. The set up process is quick and easy and the CRM is cloud based app. This means you have all the information about customers and leads on the web and it is not easy for anyone to steal this information. However, your team members and employees can easily access this information whenever they so desire.

Modules available with Less Annoying CRM

  • Task management
  • Calendars
  • Note taking
  • Lead tracking

Less Annoying CRM can be configured to fulfill all your functions as it has customization functionality.

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