What is the importance of company Registration?

According to the act of jurisdiction, registration of the company is quite important that will assist you in the long run.  It is the license of the company. After completing registration, nobody can steal the name of your company without knowing you. Therefore, if you want to run a successful business, the company registration would be an ideal option for you. After getting the license, you must opt for the services tax registration. However, you will find the best Company Incorporation in Malaysia where you can complete the registration process in the reasonable worth.

If you don’t want to pay additional tax rates of the company, the registration of the company is important for you. According to the professionals, you should choose the unique name for the company incorporation process. The best thing is that you will able to register the company under 3000 only.  Let’s discuss the importance of the company registration.

  • Two directors are important

If you want to incorporate a private company, then you have to require almost two directors. According to the company act 2013, now you can register the company individually. Therefore, if you want to incorporate the company with a single director, then you should register with OPC.

  • Shareholders for company

In the past, you have to require a minimum of two shareholders for the company with equal rights.  If you are running any type of private company, then the registration process is mandatory for you. However, as per act 2013, you will able to register a company with the single shareholder only. You don’t have to share the company with someone else.

  • Maximum shareholders

If you want to incorporate any kind of company, then a minimum of two shareholders is required, and a maximum of 200 shareholders are allowed for the company.

If you don’t have much knowledge about the registration process, then you should take the assistance of lawyers.

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