Riverside Birdseye ViewThis congregation is deeply connected to the life of the broader Riverside community – through relationships with both religious and secular groups. A sample of related groups follows.

Riverside/North Riverside Covenant of Churches

The Riverside/North Riverside Covenant of Churches was established over 25 years ago to foster dialogue and cooperation between the various churches in our neighboring communities. Currently the group is very active, coordinating a number of wonderful ministries, including:

  • Ecumenical Worship on special days, including an annual Good Friday noontime worship service, the location of which rotates among the churches from year to year, and a Memorial Day observance in Riverside’s Guthrie Park, across from the METRA station.
  • Coordination of service events such as support for the Riverside Township Food Pantry (yes, there’s hunger in Riverside, too!) and an annual Blood Drive.
  • Cooperation in ministry in the area with other United Methodist Churches in Cicero, Brookfield, La Grange, and Western Springs.

Tallgrass Sudbury School

The Riverside United Methodist Church is proud to welcome the Tallgrass Sudbury School to our building. John Wesley believed in the critical importance of education in raising children and founded many schools during the course of his ministry. Sharing our space with Tallgrass Sudbury enables us to participate in this wonderful legacy of the Methodist tradition.  (Check out their site here:

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